Can psychotherapy help?

Are we in an end time of catastrophic ecosystem collapse or are we engaging in mitigation? Where does psychotherapy come in?

We learned during the webinar series that as individuals and societies we need to come out of what Sally Weintrobe called the ‘fraud bubble’. Every person and profession needs to adapt to climate change and fight to mitigate habitat and species loss, now. Our professional role might be to hold the heartbreak this brings.

We want to hold a space for feeling and thinking, connection and the heartbreak that comes with awareness. We hope, from this, creativity will emerge.

When: 7pm-8pm NZT, first Monday of the month, May-October

Starting: 3 May 2021

How:  We will open with a karakia, a reading or a short presentation from one person in the group, then have time for associations, reverie and feelings and a completion. 

Who: All NZAP members, Te Ipu Taiao participants and contributors are welcome.

Stay up-to-date

We will post links here that we are discussing and you can comment with thoughts or actions you are taking after the meetings.