Te Ipu Taiao Hui - 7-8pm, Monday 6th December 2021

Kia ora koutou katoa,

We meet again tomorrow night for reflections, reverie, and to share our feelings about the Climate Crisis.

I have some good news, NZAP Council agreed to join Ora Taiao - the New Zealand Climate and Health Council as a member organisation. I am feeling so appreciative of NZAP Council for this, especially as it was unanimous and they immediately offered for me to be connected to a committee that could support it.

The convenor of Ora Taiao said that early in the new year a health advisory committee is being formed as part of the Climate Change Commission. They want “messaging” about the effects of the climate crisis on the mental state of the population, specifically the ennui caused. We are the climate ennui people! Hear our messaging. Seriously though, it feels great that we could have a channel to communicate the impact of climate angst especially on youth as shown by Caroline Hickman’s research. We could also demonstrate that mere “ennui” is an effect of the splitting and denial afflicting us all, and addressing it is foundational to the transformation needed to regenerate the biosphere. Even people at the Climate Change Commission and James Shaw himself fall short of even setting targets that would address the crisis sufficiently. I would love to have your input in case we can put some ideas forward!

See you tomorrow night,


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